Int’l Floriculture Expo 2012

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Carolina Peonies!!

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Find us!

Find us!

Find us!

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New Tropical Line!!

Call us to find out about our new tropical lines….

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Inspire someone with flowers!

A great painter once inspired by flowers; pass it along! Full Quote: "I am following Nature without being able to grasp her… I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” Claude Monet

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New Australian Mix Boxes!!

We’ve got a new line of Australian Mix boxes that are excellent for great event work. Call us @ 1-8-777-GREENS to find out more! Ask your local wholesale on availability.

Check them out:

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Follow Us, Like Us!!

We want to start this new year with some great promotions, but how would we let you know?

Getting you involved with our media sources is probably the best way so here we go….

Like us on Facebook and get $5 off your next order!!Follow us on Twitter and get $5 off your next order!!

That’s a total of $10 off your next order. Take advantage while you can!! Look for updates on inbound product, new product, and of course great promotions! It’s going to be tons of fun in 2012!!

Max. $10 Off Order per Wholesale, Not Individuals. Click Links @ Bottom of Page.

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2011 Departs. 2012 Arrives.

2011 Departs, 2012 Arrives

Where to begin? I guess we can begin with the end, the end of 2011. For most you could say the holidays were not all that were expected. Many wholesalers I speak to are glad to be out of the last year and into the new one. I know we didn’t do as well as we wanted. Some could even say it was a disappointment or was it really?

I recently read an online article or blog, who knows these days, and it made me think. It was titled “The worst holidays since the Great Depression”. It clearly stated the facts that this last year was not as bad as we thought it to be. In fact, 2009 was far worse. It made me wonder how we did in 2011 compared to 2009. Comparing Decembers I learned that we jumped 14% in sales from 2009 to 2011. This alone can put all the disappointment to rest. We were up 4% at the end of 2011 from 2010. Though we didn’t do as well as we wanted we are still heading in a positive direction. To go into further detail about 2009 it was a ripple effect from 2008. I remember being conditionally hired as an airline pilot only to be told two weeks before training that they were to begin furloughing and I would be placed pack into a waiting pool. The economy was in turmoil and this was just the beginning. 2009’s unemployment hit an ultimate high of 9.3% and to quote the article “the worst joblessness the country has seen in more than a quarter century.” That makes me tremble in my seat. You also have to recall all the bailouts we were giving these major Detroit companies. The last time we’ve seen anything as bad as we did in 2009 was back in 1982.

Why do I mention all of this to start off the New Year? It’s simple; life’s a whole lot more entertaining when you use pessimism and optimism in the same sentence. It reminds me of a quote said by Bill Vaughan, “an optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” We can put the past behind us and start thinking about what’s to come.

Researching news and data for the floral industry is not something you could do in a few minutes as I’ve recently learned, but I know business is business. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling horse manure or a beautiful oriental lily. If you want to know how business is going to be look at the stock market, for the most part. 2009 was not a good year for retail stores due to the obvious unemployed household. The consumer is not willing to pay $5 for a dozen roses when he/she knows paying the mortgage and finding food is much more of importance. Analysts are saying the unemployment for 2012 is going to improve. It’s also going to be an interesting time with the elections coming up in the fall. The next president voted in or reelected will have a major role in how this year will end. What does this all mean for us in the floral industry? I’m not going to go on a limb and say we’re going to have an incredible Valentine’s, but I would say we’ll be okay. It’s all a matter of perseverance, and a little luck I guess. The more working people employed, the more likely they’ll be able to pick up flowers on the way home for their partners. I just want to get you thinking and to know it’s good out there.

Anyways, we had an incredible Christmas party once more. We had in-house entertainment provided by our warehouse manager. We also had traditional paella which consisted of seafood, steak, and chicken all cooked in a big pan with fish broth and rice. It was amazing to say the least. I remember seeing a few individuals return for thirds it was so good. I’ll leave you with some photos and look forward to the next post. Remember to check back in as I will be putting product on the site as well as on specific posts. Best of luck in 2012 and I hope all your wishes come true.

The Simpson’s Team

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Extracurricular Activities

For many of us extracurricular activities are things we use to do in high school
and college. The reality remains that we have extracurricular activities
throughout our lives. We may love our work, but that could never replace our
family and friends. Whether it’s feeding the homeless, playing checkers with a
family member, or becoming a sports official, the kid in you never goes away.

This last weekend one of our team members officiated the 1st round Pop Warner
Championship games @ Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports.

From our team member:

“I was honored to have been able to officiate one of the greatest games in their history. In the process I was able to represent the South Florida Football Officials Association, my
association. People ask me why I referee. I do it because I respect the values
in the game and what it teaches us. What we learn on the field we carry over to
the real world. It reminds me of my youth and reminds me that others did it for
me; it’s my turn to give back. And Simpson’s allows me to do all of this…”

You can catch the entire replay of the game @ ESPN3 (click the link):

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